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Berwick Academy Against Radicalisation & ExtremismIn October the entire workforce at Berwick Academy recieved training delivered in conjunction between the Home Office and Northumberland Police.  The training outlined how to identify young people who are vulnerable to the dangers of radicalisation and how they could be turned to extremism.



Ensuring students at Berwick Academy are both aware and safe.



Prevent - Berwick Academy's "Not in our Community"Signposting Tutor Activities 2015-16

At Berwick Academy we are delivering a number of PREVENT awareness activities during Tutor Time on Tuesdays.  These activities have been planned to ensure that Berwick Academy students are aware of where they can seek advice and guidance on a number of safeguarding topics.

Berwick Academy is also working with the Local Authority's 'PREVENT Team' to deliver a number of activities during our 'PSHE Day' on 27th January 2016.  Staff at Berwick Academy had WRAP training delivered to them by the PREVENT Team on Wednesday 7th October 2015 to enable them to be aware PREVENT of their responsibilities and to help them signpost students to appropriate advice and guidance.

Tutor time will be an opportunity for Form Tutors to use Northumbria Police's Website to provide advice and guidance on a number of topics.  Some of these topics will be explored in greater detail as part of the Berwick Academy IAG (Information, Advice and Guidance) programme and through the delivery of assemblies.  Berwick Academy will be using nationally recognised resources, 'Where's The Line?' to deliver topics such as Radicalisation and Extremism.

'British Values' will form part of our themes of the week and will also form part of our weekly assembly and Tutor Time programme.  Form Tutors will be signposted to short videos that cover the themes of British Values thoughout the year.

Berwick Academy completed a SMSC Audit (Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural) in September 2015, which clearly highlights where SMSC values are to be delivered across the whole school and wider curriculum.

PREVENT - Tutor Time Signposting Activities 2015/16

Tutors to log on to the Northumbria Police Proud to Protect - Advice and Information pages - Signpost students to the advice and information on all the topics below.

Signpost Topic Date
Crime prevention Advice 13th October
Bonfires, fireworks and halloween 20th October
E-Safety 3rd November
Operation Sanctury 10th November
Advice for victims of crime 17th November
Violence against women & girls (VAWG) 24th November
Alcohol 1st December
Anti-social behaviour 8th December
Stalking and Harassment 15th December
Community resolution 5th January
Road Safety 12th January 
Report a crime 26th January 
PHSE Day - PREVENT Workshops  27th January 
Hate crime 2nd February 
Modern slavery 9th February 
Campaigns  23rd February 
Events & demonstrations 1st March 
Safer schools 8th March 
Student advice

15th March 

Stop and search

22nd March 

   Download the PREVENT Leaflet for Parents