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Student Voice

The School Council, 'A voice for all'

School Council is a key part of school life at Berwick Academy. 

The School Council meet on the first Wednesday of every half term.

Every Year Group within school is represented and their views and ideas are presented to the School Council by their chosen Form Representatives.

The Form Representatives feedback to a designated Sixth Former/Spokesperson who in turn feedback to the whole School Council.

Once all ideas and views have been heard, decisions are made and action points agreed.  These action points are then presented to the Senior Leadership Team for consideration.

Any agreed actions are then fed back to the whole school via Year Group Assemblies.

Our Student Council embrace British Values, such as, Freedom of Speech and Democracy.

School Council Members

School Council Leader - David Crtchlow

Student Representatives

Year 9 Year 10  Year 11  Years 12 & 13 
Ezzie Critchlow 9CRO   Nicole Ainslie 10PLN   Brogan Ashley  11DIS    Callum Bickerton  12MEW 
Lara Hindhaugh 9TAG   Tamara Tully 10EMI   Courtney Hall  11BRO    Suleman Khan 12THM 
Aydon Hogg 9ART   Eve Cross 10DVS   Matthew Wood  11LAW    Andrew Young  12HUB 
Jadan Eden 9PTN   Jack Grey 10BLY   Daniel Smith  11ROU    Jayne Borthwick  12HOD 
Nathan White 9PTN   Jamie Farnby 10BAI   Craig Hackett  11ALL    Nathan Jackson  13GRE 
Stuart Johnson 9RIT         Keiran Davison  11DEN   Fraser Young  13PLE
Finlay Wealleans 9KES               Euan Ringland  13HRT 


School Council Meetings 2015/16

  • Wednesday 21st October 2015
  • Wednesday 4th November 2015
  • Wednesday 6th January 2016
  • Wednesday 24th February 2016
  • Wednesday 13th April 2016
  • Wednesday 8th June 2016


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